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Every beer shall have its own glass!



On the occasion of the arrival of our glasses, we decided to write this article in order to present to our beer fans, the advantages of tasting your favourite beverage in the right glass.

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"If the right glass you don't have, bad taste your beer will have."

Of course if you drink your Gansbeek beer in a larger's glass, it will also be tasty, but we have noticed that the different shapes of glasses give our beers different aromas by enhancing or diminishing their flavour.

To unveil and boost the aromas of our Gansbeek beers, we have chosen a "Sommelier" model in the shape of a tulip (which will certainly please those into gardening), both for its elegance but also because the shape of the glass helps to spread the flavours and maintains a good neck of foam thanks to its narrowed part at the top of the glass. Finally, the small bonus is brought by the leg of the glass which allows you to avoid holding the glass without heating the content.

Thanks to its characteristics, the Tulip glass is therefore very well suited to savour fairly aromatic beers such as the Gansbeek Blonde and Triple beers.

But it's not just the shape of the glass that matters; the glass has to be clean. Simply rinse with hot water before and after serving. Ideally, you should never wash your beer glasses with ordinary soap or put them in the dishwasher.

Haven't you got your Gansbeek glass yet?

If you wish to order 1 or more Gansbeek glasses, we now offer several formulas:

So... glasses up and cheers!

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