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Why does beer foam?

White and creamy, smooth and thick or even consistent, beer foam is very important to us in Belgium. In fact, we consider that a beer without foam is flat and lacks depth. Nothing like a beautiful collar of 2 to 3 centimeters to feel this pride of having served beer correctly with our friends.

But beyond the visual aspect, did you know that the foam has a real role in beer tasting?

Let's first see how it is created!

To understand correctly, it must be remembered that beer contains proteins as well as carbon dioxide (bubbles) and when these bubbles rise up along the wall of the glass towards the surface, they collect the proteins present in the beer.

It is therefore these proteins, conveyed thanks to the bubbles, which form a unique mixture between liquid and carbon dioxide: the foam.

Gansbeek Bière Mousse.JPG
What is the use of foam in a beer?

In addition to protecting the aromas from the oxidation of the ambient air and thus preventing the taste from deteriorating, the foam also brings more complexity and greed to the tasting. You can only appreciate the aroma of a beer with a neck where the bubbles will let out the scents that make up its bouquet.

If you are served beer without foam, it is annoying. Because part of the pleasure of your beer is being cut off from you. Conversely, too much foam is also unfortunate since you will have to wait for it to fall to finally taste your beer.

Moreover, the retention of taste is not the only advantage of the foam in a beer. The latter also allows you to digest it better. This is because if the foam subsides quickly in your glass, the carbon dioxide that is supposed to disappear with it will remain in the beer.

You will thus be required to consume this gas with each sip and you will quickly feel this unpleasant bloating after having drunk a few glasses of beer without foam. It is the same when you drink your beer from the bottle because the quantity of CO2 has been expertly calculated so that it foams and sparkles sufficiently when poured into a glass… and not directly in your stomach!


How to have a nice foam hold?

To do this, you must first prepare your glass by rinsing it with water (especially no soap!), To avoid too much residue and dust. These are the ones that create too much foam when served in a dry glass.

Then you can start pouring the beer by first holding your glass upright. As soon as it starts to foam, you can then tilt it. And not the other way around, namely, tilting the glass first and then straightening it. So, use a beer with the perfect foam and which will last a long time.

You are now informed of the benefits of foam in your beer.

All you have to do now is master the technique to serve your Gansbeek in the rules of the art in its suitable glass. If you don't have it yet, you can order it by clicking here .

Good tasting !

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