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What is a Triple beer?

You have all heard of Triple beer and you have probably wondered: But what is a “Triple” anyway?

Originally, the name “Triple” dates back to the Middle Ages and comes from the brewing monks who to offer their drink to the greatest number of people brewed 3 beers from the same cereals. As if you were using the same pod 3 times to make yourself a coffee in fact.

The best for the monks

As you may have guessed, the first wort obtained gave a beer that was much more aromatic but also more loaded in terms of alcohol than the others and was reserved for distinguished guests of the monasteries. To distinguish it, the monks indicated 3 crosses on the barrels. The second beer, less strong in alcohol and taste, titrated around 6 ° and was intended for abbots and paying guests. Finally, with the third juice, the monks made a lighter table beer for their own consumption.


Regulations for the Triple?

Nowadays, the name "Triple" does not meet any legal regulations. In fact, it is a beer with a high alcohol content, between 7 and 10%, whose color can range from a very light blonde to an amber tint, and which undergoes refermentation in the bottle. . This style, through the use of a larger quantity of grains whose fermentable sugars are transformed into alcohol, is very tasty and very rich in taste: malty, sweet, bitter and even fruity.

The Triple Gansbeek
Gansbeek Triple Bottle design.jpg

The nose oscillates between malty and spicy notes. We find aromas of yeast carried on the banana. Once in the mouth, we discover a round and effervescent body. The finish is dry with a slight short bitterness on the palate. The alcohol level around 8% provides additional heat.

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