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6 Breweries – 15 Different Beers – 24 Bottles Of Pleasure

This is THE Collaborative Beer Box to discover what is not known yet in Brussels Craft Beer Scene.


You’ll find the following breweries and beers in this stunning 24 pack.


*Proportion of each beer in the box may vary according to each brewery’s inventory


BREW#28 – GMGK – Belgian Ale – 6 % Alc/ 20 IBU/ 10 EBC

A blonde brewed with lemon peels and combava leaves to give it a good freshness and a lemony touch. It has also been brewed with white tea to make it soft and give it a slight fruity side. A cool beer, with the colours of summer that will quench your thirst at any time.

BREW#105 – NORDIC HOPSTER – Juicy Session IPA – 5% Alc/ 25 IBU/ 10 EBC

This IPA Session brewed with two American hops develops a slightly refreshing bitterness as well as a hoppy side with notes of citrus and grapefruit. A beer that will awaken your palate.

BREW#174 – BB PRUNES – Plum Porter – 6,7% Alc / 25 IBU / 62 EBC

This porter will surprise you with its light roasted notes of coffee and chocolate. Its hopping and bitterness, particularly weak, will give way to a roundness and complexity brought by plums. This beer will bewitch your taste buds.

BREW#286 – WESH’GROSEILLE – Fruity Beer – 7% Alc / 35 IBU / 25 EBC

This beer is based on its very fruity side coming from the large quantity of redcurrants infused during fermentation. This gives it a bright red colour, a very fruity nose and very little residual sugar. Its acidulous and dry side will invite you for a second sip.


SANSHO – New Wave Blonde – 6% / 25 IBU / 8 EBC

Crispy blonde brewed with green Sechuan pepper and Timut pepper which gives it citrus flavours and a slightly spicy side. The mouthfeel is light and accompanied by a very slight bitterness.

SPLASH – Milkshake IPA – 6% / 40 IBU

Splash is a fruity and creamy beer brewed with a large amount of mango and peach as well as hops. It has a distinct bitterness that counterbalances the fruity side. The texture, opacity and colour of the beer is close to that of a smoothie. To be drunk with a straw !


TRIPLE – 8.5% Alc

Triple with a golden colour, subtle citrus fruit aromas and a creamy mousse. The finish is round with a slight bitterness on the palate. The high alcohol level brings an additional warmth. The beer is refermented in the bottle and is neither filtered nor pasteurized.

BLONDE – 6.5% Alc

Special golden beer with malty aromas and floral notes. The attack in the mouth is rather dry and guided by a beautiful bitterness. The beer is refermented in the bottle and is neither filtered nor pasteurized.


BELGIAN IPA – 6,5% / 48 IBU / 14 EBC

Fresh, full-flavoured with fruity hops’ tropical fruits flavours and a crisp bitter finish.


A hint of fresh verbena to soften and give roundness to a typical strong Belgian triple.


KHOP-KILLER – New Belgium IPA – 5.8% Alc / 35 IBU / 21 EBC

The latest creation of the iLleGaaL brewery, it’s a real Hazy beer, an explosion of hops, a fresh and bitter taste, perfect for the arrival of spring.

ECHT – Belgium Blond Ale – 6,2% Alc / 28 IBU/ 20 EBC

A lager, lightly hopped, tenderly scented, perfect for summer.


OBAA ONE HOPPY – Seasonal Blonde – 6.9% Alc

The ONE is a blond beer with coppery reflections that develops beautiful hoppy aromas of plants and undergrowth. It is a thirst-quenching, dry and very thirst-quenching beer. A beautiful length in mouth and a subtle nose. Recipe elaborated by OBAA in its workshop in Schaerbeek.

OBAA TWO AMBER – Amber – 7% Alc

TWO is an amber beer with cereal, toast and nutty aromas. Five grain shapes contribute to its harmony. The hops used give it notes of cut wood and autumn soil. We made this beer for tasting, in our workshop in Schaerbeek.

OBAA THREE BLACK – Brune Sombre – 8% Alc / 55 IBU / 71 EBC

THREE is a brown beer with refined coffee aromas and light chocolate notes. A subtle blend of cereals and 2 hops give it its delicate flavours. Character, taste and roundness, it is a Belgian beer that respects traditions.







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