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Collaboration Gansbeek & De Meester

This pack contains 6 great styles of Belgian beers :

Golden Ale - Triple - Cherry - Quadruple - Blond Ale - Amber

Gansbeek Blonde - Golden Ale
A golden-coloured beer with malty aromas and a harmony of fruity yeast flavours. Dry finish with a hint of persistent bitterness.

Gansbeek Tripel 
A golden-coloured beer with subtle citrus fruit aromas and a creamy head. The finish is round with a slight bitterness in the mouth.

Maître Quad - Quadruple
Black with a brown foam collar. In the nose: chocolate, liquorice, banana, dried fruit and a little alcohol. Taste: sweet, chocolate, slightly malty and full-bodied. 9.5% alcohol content.

Maître Rouge - Cherry
Master cherry brut has a warm red color with a delicious red fruit aroma. On the palate you can taste a fresh sourness with a surprisingly long aftertaste.

Dul Meesterke - Amber
A dark amber with a beige foam collar. In the nose: dried peach, honey, banana and pineapple. Taste: fruitis, very fresh start, soft and smooth mouthfeel. Full-bodied beer. Alcohol content of 8.5%.

Maitre Blond - Belgian Ale
A spicy blonde with a fruity aroma and a hint of citrus, spiced with coriander and orange.


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